The Moving Motivators game can be used in a lot of situations. One of the most important is to assess the impact of an change in the organization (merger, business strategy, ...).

It can be used too before a job promotion or to build a new team.

But it can be used too in a more original domain : hiring.

When you hire somebody, it's important the person is adapted to the values of the organization or the team. So, for that, you can use Moving Motivators.

How to do ? Just follow these steps:

  • Ask the following question to the candidate: "How would you value your move to this company?"
  • Compare:
    • the intrinsic needs and values of the candidate,
    • the most important values of the organization.
  • Imagine how the candidate's needs and values would change once hired.
  • Decide if the candidate is a good match for the organization.

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